Thursday, March 27, 2008

McCain Blogettes

With all the talk about Clinton and Obama, I found this an interesting social media piece tied to McCain. Thoughts?


Dianna S said...

I think Megan's blog is very creative. I read through some of her blogs and comments from her readers and it seems very successful. I think this blog can help her father's presidential campaign. It does seem like Megan has a busy schedule but she definitely does a great job updating her readers and entertaining them with photos, videos.

Jillian said...

At first I thought this was just a blog about John McCain, then I realized it was his daughter's blog. Obviously, she's not going to say anything negative about her father, but blogs are usually very personal and you get more insight into the person's life. That's why people like reading celebrity's blogs. We are always looking for something scandalous or controversial, but we forget that these are just real people. (Well, real rich, crazy people.) When we think of the president blogging, it just seems weird. But they have normal families, daughters and sons, like the rest of us, and apparently they blog, too.

Nicole St. Jean said...

John McCain's daughters blog was interesting, unique and a different way of keeping up with the presidental campagin. I also think that it allows us young voters to relate more to the election, by reading and looking at someone our age traveling around the nation with her father, it makes us easier to relate to the situation. I also agree with Jillian, in the aspect of the "celebrity" type idea of it. John McCain could quite possibly become our next president, and it's neat to keep updated on where he is and what he's doing with his family other than what they show on the news. I think that our generation also has a bit of a negative idea towards the media in some ways because of the bias ideas the media often tries to inflict upon us. Although this is his daughter blogging, she is around our age, and the pictures and stories are real, there are even some funny pictures of politicans wearing flip flops and other funny things you wouldn't see on the news.