Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Semester Projects

For my individual 'on-going' project I was interested in creating a blog dedicated to daily life in a graduatig senior's life. Living with 5 girls in a house in Eastward Look is nothing to turn your nose up about, as each one of our 5 crazy lives intertwines with one another to create a highly interesting blog, yet to be named. With an overwhelming number of college seniors across the country graudting this May, I feel this blogs popularity can grow to overwhelming numbers. Daily life and small tips about graduation/job search/friends will keep people interested in this blog. Another interest of mine is pictures, so I was thinking if the blog idea fell through, I am going to create either a Flicker page (or something like it) to display my pictures, basically a glimpse into mine (and my friends) lives.

As for the final project of the semester I was looking to create something for MLB. I find my daily life focused on sports, constantly checking online, reading the Sports page in the daily news, and watching for nightly updates on Sportscenter. As the sports world never really needs a push to get people to watch, there is a question on what I can exactly do to help strengthen the MLB. I propose a site having to do with the upcoming baseball season, now that football and basketball are coming and have come to the ends of their season, and baseball fans have been tested in the past year with the constant threat/presence of steroids in baseball stories. The MLB needs to look for a way to be sure they have not lost fans over this offseason, and for this I propose a blog-like site where MLB fans across the country can write in and post their best pictures/stories of recent visits to ballparks across the country. Sparking interest in various ballparks/teams will hopefully help in getting people to either attend a local game or maybe even venture across the country to visit new parks. I feel that the MLB has a lot of opportnities in growth as baseball is slowly declining as America's Favorite Pastime. Data that has previously been collected can be compared to the data after the site is created. This site will allow individuals the freedom to write about any interesting or eventful things having to do with baseball.

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