Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Facebook Anthem

Creative people, fed up, with too much time on their hands. Nevertheless, a highly creative way to complain. Thoughts on this? If you were an executive at Facebook what would be your reaction?


Laura said...

I agree with this video. Facebook was appealing because of its clean design and ease of use. Now it is so cluttered that I barely use it anymore. I think they should monitor what applications are being created and prohibit things that most users feel are annoying or useless.

Givens_w said...

I also agree with the video....I use to have facebook maybe 3 years ago or so. I deleted my account though. But sometimes now I have a change to see peoples pages from friends. It has seemed to be very broad and just a collection of everything. I agree with the video it seems to have to many applications and groups for no reason. I like the video real funny.