Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Podcasts Due Next Week

Podcasts are due by next Friday March 13. Here is a reminder of what the Podcast assignment entail and how it will be graded. Remember, podcasts MUST be uploaded to the blog.

For this project you will work in a team of 3. Your assignment is to produce a 5-10 minute podcast on an issue pertaining to this class, by interviewing an executive on the topic of how they can use social media for their company/product/strategy. You will make the interview available in the form of a podcast and post it to the class blog.

You will be evaluated both on the content and the technical quality of the podcast.

The specific topic of your interview or your group discussion will depend on the area of expertise of your interviewee and/or your own area of interest. Be sure to develop your interview questions ahead of time and phrase your questions in a way to avoid simple yes/no type answers.

• Create a 5-10 minute podcast
• Create a blog post on the class blog about your podcast (including the link to your podcast)
and is tagged for effective search engine exposure

Grading Criteria:
Interview Content
1. Questions invite in-depth exploration of social media issues
2. Appropriateness of selected interviewee

Technical Quality
3. Podcast is well edited (use of bumpers & jingles, clean cuts)
4. Audio quality is good (adjusted volume, quality recording)

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