Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Presidential Candidates using Twitter?

Presidential candidates Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton seem to have time to be using Twitter even while trying to manage their campaigns. When you go to Twitter you can see exactly what they are up too and where they are headed or if you join you can receive these updates automatically. Obama has over 14,000 followers on twitter while Clinton has only around 1,700. How come?
Do you think Clinton and Obama actually update their twitter on their own or dose someone in their campaign manage it for them? -they do however write in the "first person", I would be pretty upset if this wasn't really them.
By the way, if you didn't already know.Twitter is a social networking tool that allows strangers and friends to know what you are doing from updates via mobile text, IM, or by surfing their page. -- I personally think that this whole concept is absolutely ridiculous for most of us to use. I would never want to be getting text messages from my friends all day long telling me exactly what they are doing. But hey, that is just my personal preference.

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jasmine.konkin said...

I would be very surprised if the candiates posted their own twitter. I think that the number of followers seems preety right considering Obama is credited with having the "young vote" so it would make sense that more ppl would follow him on-line.