Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Move over YouTube?

MySpace founder Brad Greenspan has decided to compete with YouTube through a new platform called LiveVideo. What is LiveVideo? According to him it's like YouTube on steroids, and better, LIVE. Meaning that you can interact, blog, talk, and video all at the same time and on real time.

LiveShow boasts interactive features such as LiveTextChat, LiveCoHost and
LivePolls to encourage social interaction with a real-time community.

However, like everything else, being LIVE is not necessarily being better. While I can think of various interesting ways to use this platform to enhance our communication and expand our relationships, critics fear it will become a haven for pornography.

Unfortunately, critics are right. This is a screen cap of today's home page of LiveVideo. As you can see, pronography rules at this site.

LiveVideo is not a bad idea as this is where I see social network sites moving towards. However, it is a bad execution in the sense that no controls are added to safeguard users from having to be exposed to unwanted content.

What do you think? Can you "ideate" how to use this in a communications plan?


Vanessa F said...

I think the idea of LiveVideo is really cool and just another page of advancing technology. However, with the "live" feature it is easy for many people to take advantage of the site for a place to post their pornography, a very inappropriate use.
To avoid these postings the site needs to implicate security precautions so that LiveVideo may be a useful and appropriate tool for the business world. Some ideas for a business to use the LiveVideo for would be for conference video calls, allowing for a much more personal experience. Also, LiveVideo can give the average person, perhaps someone interested in the business, a look into the daily life of a business official. I know this would come in handy especially for college juniors/seniors as they look to jump into the business and most are unsure of what to expect.

Laura Greim said...

Great idea, but very poorly executed. Clearly, LiveVideo should have taken measures to avoid this from the start. After looking at what happened with MySpace (sexual predators, inappropriate pictures), creators should have been better prepared upon the launch of this site. If this keeps up, it won't take long before LiveVideo is banned from homes and looked down upon by public.

However, I do think the site has potential, as long as it doesn't go down the wrong road. We were talking about using social media to promote URI in class today, and LiveVideo could absolutely be used. For example, on campus events could be shown live, including sporting events.

As Vanessa said, LiveVideo can also be used to get some insight on the lives of others. This could be very helpful to marketers. Marketers can now find someone in their target market, and watch their LiveVideo to find out information about that person. This information would probably be much harder to attain otherwise.

Amanda said...

Live Video is a great example of how technology is advancing to the benefit of most, but i agree that the lack of security control is making an allready "gray" line, between liegal and illegal, even more blurred.

The idea is great for businesses, and social communications but since the internet was created there have been continuous problems defining what is allowable and what isn't, as well as how to keep out the people who are there with harmful intentions.

There may be never be a sure fire way to prevent people using the internet, and sites like this for negative reasons but there are possibly ways to protect users. For one there should be options for users to report unwanted material, as well as regulations about what is acceptable and what is not. Also the administrators need to maintain a very close eye on what is taking place on the website.

No website like this is ever going to be completely free of unwanted material, but the administrators can do their best to ensure that people using this site can use it to find and do what they want without being interupted.

David CHan said...

Livevideo is a great idea. I decided to check it out and go to the website. There was not many people on the website. I tend to agree with Laura that this site is poorly put together. The website can lead to potentially bad things that Myspace was hurt by. I believe that security issues need to be addressed immediately because this site is putting more doubts about myspace haters.

Ben Frechette said...

I was browsing around LiveVideo today. I also think it was poorly put together but is a pretty cool idea. Alott've interesting people post on this site.