Monday, February 25, 2008

Do You Have a Facebook?

I saw this video whilst cruising the interweb today.  

The original video is from  The video uses information from a blog on Common Ground - Common Sense.  The video identifies much of what we talked about in class.  Yeah, it's certainly radical, but it brings up a lot of good points.  Don't forget Nipon Das and his battle to get rid of his Facebook account.  So even if you delete your account, Facebook and its media partners can still track you and use the information.  Crazy...


Kristyn-Anne said...

This video creeped me out...everything we have been talking about in class has been making me think about deleting my Facebook account; it's really comforting to know that that's not an option...

Adriana M. Boveda-Lambie said...

Whoever posted this, your name did not come out in the post. I need to know who you are to give you proper credit.

Now to the video. Scary, yes. But also overhyped. It is ok to know this information, but you also have to read it responsibly.

Conspiracy theories abound in this video (hence the highlighting of government relationships), as well as some truth (amount of information we freely give and people use). As for the information of the IAO, if memory doesn't fail me, the government already can view/collect such data under the Patriot Act. In addition, companies have this information of us, and many times share it for a price with other companies. As they state in the video its called Data Mining.

Researchers are also creating various social network models out of our connections in Facebook through the use of scripted programs that map out our relationships.

And honestly, and I know this will sound weird, I rather have the government than a company know my data.

At least the government won't try to sell me something!