Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Viral Video

Our viral video is about an HP battery burn. It shows the dangers of battery packs and just how hot they can really get. It is pretty gross so don't watch it if you have a weak stomache.


If you get anything from this, do not leave your laptop, adapter, or other wires anywhere where they may overheat or catch on fire, such as beds, couches, or on top of the pile of clothes on your floor. Thanks!

Laura, Vanessa, and Amanda


Dianna S said...

That must of really hurt. Is that one of yous burn? I recall earlier this semester someone mentioning about a burn... not sure

I like the choice of music esp. at the end =)

Ari said...

I will defiantly stop sleeping with my phone charger next to my face.

Kristyn-Anne said...

Wow that's terrible! I can't believe that happened within a few hours!

Laura said...

Yes, it is, and thanks!