Sunday, April 6, 2008

Social Media Marketing Used at SeaWorld

SeaWorld in San Antonio has recently launched social media marketing in the form of YouTube videos, Flickr and a blogg. The blogg which is shown below is to help generate a buzz about the new rollercoaster at the park which is called Journey to Atlantis. The youtube videos are of the actual roller coaster ride so people can experience them before hand and see what it's like. Flickr is pictures of the ride as well.

This is a great way to generate information and a buzz about the new ride coming out in May. It will allow people to see first hand through a video what the ride will be like. The blogg will allow patrons and SeaWorld representatives to see what is the feeling about the ride before it's release. It may provide new ideas or changes that can be altered before the opening of the ride.

I feel that it is a great way for SeaWorld to promote and it is extremely cost efficient as well. I would assume that many other theme parks would follow suit and use this technique to help generate a buzz about new attractions.


Ben Frechette said...

Very interesting and great marketing idea for Sea World. I also think that many others parks will shortly follow.

Tara H. said...

SeaWorld has implemented a very successful social media marketing plan, in my eyes anyway. By using videos of actual SeaWorlder's experiences, marketers are able to capture the 'realness' of the ride. In other words, we see what they see! Similarly, realtors have been for a few years now using real footage in the form of a 'virtual tour' for potential customers interested in a particular house or apartment. In essence, now we can take a virtual tour of theme parks all over the world. This is a cool concept and I anticipate it will continue to be implemented and improved upon.