Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Semster Project

My semester project is based on the family business I am a part of. My father is a cabinet maker and he designs things for a wide range of customers. One thing we noticed is that potential clients wanted to see many different pictures of what he has done in the past.

We have a web site but it was difficult to get a wide range of pictures on the site and difficult to view them. I decided to make a flikr account that is linked to the web site that is clicked through.

I decided to make a Flikr account because the way you view pictures is very easy, and the format looks better than the website. It is also easier for my father to upload pictures if i am busy, which was difficult for him to do on our hosting site.

The end result would be for former clients to comment on the work he has done on the flikr site. Our previous clients like to go back and see their pictures on the web site and friends, this way they may be able to comment on the flikr site which potential clients would see.


Above is the website, please find the flikr link - i would like to see if it is easy to navigate to.


Adriana M. Boveda-Lambie said...

Jasmine, I can't find the Flickr link.

jasmine.konkin said...

then i guess i did not put it in a good spot....

it is under the residential projects tab. But I need to change it if you cannot find it.

Dianna S said...

I found the link. It was under "Residential Project."

Jasmine,to make it stick out maybe you should include Flickr's logo as the link.