Monday, April 21, 2008

Creative Floral Designs, semester long project

Ever since she first began making flower arrangements for our home, I knew my Mom had a talent for what she did. She had never taken a class or studied at a university to receive a degree in the subject, but somehow she knew exactly how to compose beautiful flower arrangements; she has the knack. As her interest grew, my Mom experimented more and more with different styles and materials suitable for various decorative purposes within a home. Her friends began to recognize her unique ability and began requesting her assistance within their homes. Now that we have been assigned this social media project, I decided to help my Mom introduce herself and her pieces of work. I will create a MySpace page for my Mom and give her the opportunity to join one of the largest social networks in the world and share her passion for creating flower arrangements. Hope you enjoy and feel free to friend her!

Valerie Hinds' MySpace:


Kristyn-Anne said...

That was a really nice idea for you to do for your mom. I don't have MySpace so I can't look at anyone's pictures, but do you have pictures of some of her arrangements up? I'd love to see what she does!

Dianna S said...

I saw the photos and your mother's work is amazing. Very talented =)