Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Obamas' Web Marketing Triumph

Part of the reason that Barack Obama appears to be outmaneuvering Hillary Clinton in the Democratic presidential primary is because of his campaign’s mastery of the Internet. Obama appears to be using media more effectively in the Democratic primary. He is a digital candidate while she is the analog candidate. They both use traditional media. But Obama’s website is astonishing. It is frequently updated and sort of draws you into his movement. Towards the end of the website it shows the other types of social media that Obama is using. Some medias are Facebook, Myspace, Youtube, Flickr, LinkedIn, Digg, and many others. The webpage allows you to make donations to his campaign. In 24 hours the campaign matched Clinton’s donation of $5 to her campaign when people donated $8 million to Obama. They figure out from blogs or via crowdsourcing, what works and begin using it. They point and highlight anything that is created by others.

I found it very interesting that this article points out the language used by both Clinton and Obama. Obama uses the language of “We and You,” and Clinton uses “I and Me.” Obama’s stuff is about “Yes, you can.”

Like Devin Leonard, the author of the article, “I am terribly impressed at the quality of his mind”

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