Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Domino's Launches UGC Recycling Push

Domino's launches UGC recycling push by Hayley Pinkerfield located on Pg. 10 of Rvolution, published on March 14, 2008.

Domino's Pizza has embraced user-generated content with an environmentally friendly recycling campaign, encouraging users to post videos on MySpace.

Entitled 'Think Outside the Box', the initiative by BLM Quantum encourages Domino's customers to dream up an innovative way to use or recycle their empty pizza boxes, then make a film about it and post it for others to rate.

Pizza lovers are asked to upload their films to MySpace TV where they will receive a code, which must then be posted on the Domino's blog. The two films that users rate as funniest and most creative will earn a 24-inch iMac or ten tickets to the Comedy Store.

A selection of launch films show people using their pizza boxes to make all manner of wacky and practical everyday items, from spectacles and coffee mugs, to Frisbees, handbags and even hard currency.

The campaign is supported by advertising on MySpace and Sky.com, mobile targeting to the Blyk network and offline promotional support on boxes.
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The following is a video of what a kid did with his Domino's Pizza Box as a way to recycle:

I actually think this is a good idea, and it gets people involve in a way that is fun to recycle. With this said, I wonder what ideas the class might come up with, as a way to recycle and join the competition Domino's has. Let me read your thoughts and comment on what you think about this article, and if any good ideas are available please provide them as well.

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Tommy Franco Jr. said...

This is a great idea to help with today's recycling issue. This is also great for Dominoe's publicity and also their Public Relations.
I watched the video and thought it was a unique idea to use the pizza box as a basketball hoop. The only bad thing is one rainy day could ruin their future NBA hopes.
I like the use of YouTube as a means for posting the videos because it is then able to be viewed by numerous viewers. They might not be interested in the recycling issue, but they could then be influenced if they were to search for Dominoe's on YouTube and they just so happened to view this ad. This could then divert their attention to what Dominoe's positioning is in regards to this topic.