Thursday, April 17, 2008

Generation Gaps for Social Media

I found this Blog post interesting because it is common knowledge that Internet technology is something that is better understood by younger generations. What the blog goes into discuss is the firther implications of this in the workplace. It talks about how about 78% of adults do not have an online profile. These are often the people who are in control of the budget or what each employee is allowed to do, meaning that they have little to no idea about what would be the most effective social media marketing tools. The blog makes me wonder what individual companies are doing to keep this from becoming a problem.

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Tara H. said...

I too agree that we see obvious distinctions between generation's internet skills in America. For me, there are great distinctions between my Mother and me, my Grandmother and my Mother, and my brother and me. My brother likes to think he was one of the first who lied about his age just so he could create a MySpace account. My grandmother solely relies on her e-mailing skills but only because my grandfather, who was always up to date with technology, taught her a million times over and over again. And there is my Mom, who I almost feel bad for because she is determined to learn the computer inside and out but has only mastered her Gmail account.

In the UK, researchers have divided people who are regularly using social networks into 5 different groups: Alpha socialisers, attention seekers, followers, faithfuls, and functionals. The research further segmented those that don't use social networking sites because are concerned about safely, technically inexperienced (like my Mom), or intellectual rejecters who just have no interest in social networking sites. I would argue that these are the same reasons many Americans are hesitant to join social networks.