Monday, February 4, 2008


Hello out there!
I am Vanessa and and this is my last semester here at URI. In May I will hopefully graduate with a degree in Marketing as well as Management. My plans upon graduation, well, are still unplanned. I know I want to get out there and start working towards my goal of becoming a marketer with ESPN...a stretch, but it's my dream :) With that in mind, this summer you might be able to find me waitressing in Newport, or in the office of a Rhode Island Marketing firm for a year or two. After that we're moving to NYC or LA. So it's up in the air.
I'm taking this class with my roommates in hopes of expanding my web knowledge. I really know nothing about blogs, and the few classes we've had so far have peaked my interests so I'm excited. With technology becoming the backbone of society I think it's important to know my way around the web.

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