Monday, February 4, 2008


What's up everyone,
My name is Eric, I'm a senior Marketing major planning to graduate in May and enter that real world everyone keeps talking about. I think I'm ready enough for it though even though I have no clue on where I'm going to work when I'm done. Right now I'm an intern at the Ryan Center in Marketing/Group Sales office. It's going well so far keeping me very busy balancing it with classes but I really enjoy the stuff I'm doing. I hope to go into event/sports arena marketing and this internship fit perfectly to see if I'm going to like it or not. I'm originally from Connecticut and hope when I graduate to stay around for a little while in the Northeast.

I'm looking forward to this class mainly because social media is becoming an ever changing part of marketing and I want to have some experience when I'm looking for a job. I have a pretty good grasp on technology but with it always changing it's definately good to stay current. I've never written on a blogg before and I'm curious to learn more. I also like the way Adriana is teaching because it's not your typical lecture, which I'm glad. Alright then see you all tomorrow.

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