Thursday, January 31, 2008


Hello everyone,

My name is Jenny, i am a senior double majoring in management and marketing. I'm graduating this may...YAAYYYY. Very excited about that, but scared. I am looking to work for a well known hotel upon graduation, either in their marketing department, or as a manager for one of their departments. So if anyone knows a hotel manager....let me know..haha...Networking guys. Anyways, so far i like the course. As a manager and marketing major i feel that social media is very important. Media is rapidly evolving and a good marketer should be able to adapt to this new media. Im sure that as collegue students we have definately adapted to this media, but do we understand the marketing side of it? Hopefully by the end of this class we will be social media experts.

So i want to try out the different blog features....Heres a link... ......Hopefully it works. See you guys Next Tuesday!!!!!!!

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