Monday, May 5, 2008

People You May Know

So I realize this may be a little late but for any of you who may still be continuously checking the class blog I just noticed something new with facebook that perhaps some of you have too. They have added once again, a new feature to the facebook homepage that allows you to see "People You May Know. This new box picks up various people that may be connected to you through mutual friends and have the same networks or hometowns featured in their profiles. It also provides the users name and picture for you to decide on whether or not you really do know them and perhaps would like to add them to your friend list. I recently found an old friend I never knew had facebook based on this new feature and I so I personally found this feature very useful and interesting. So for all of you havn't been on facebook recently, you should check it out and you never know who have been missing out on being facebook friends with.

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