Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Viral Marketing Video

Hey Everyone, Here is our Viral Marketing Video about LifeStraw. Enjoy!

Laura G.


Tommy Franco Jr. said...

I had no idea such a product existed. This was put together nicely and it had a great message behind it for individuals to donate these LifeStraws. Great music that correlated with the message as well. Nice job!

Ari said...

It touched my heart. How can I donate?

Nicole St. Jean said...

it's really sad to see people liek this struggling, when we consume all the water we want, when we want and how we want. It's really moving to see these people and how they are struggling to survive every day. Is there a website where we can donate to this cause?

Laura Greim said...

For more information about LifeStraw, you can visit the company website here:

This is a link to the donations page:

There are several different ways to donate. You can either make a monetary donation to the non-profit itself, or you can buy LifeStraws that will be distributed to people in need. Thanks guys :)