Tuesday, April 15, 2008

MySpace launches in Korea

I found an interesting article that talks about MySpace launching its social networking website to Korea. For those who don't know, Korea is the highest concentrated country for social networking in the world. The biggest and main social networking website there is called Cyworld. It will be interesting to see how MySpace does against Cyworld and it should be monitored very closely.

Here's the link - MySpace expands to Korea, with India on the way soon


David CHan said...

I couldn't believe that Korea was number one in social networking. By looking at the article it showed that the United States is 5th when it comes to social networking. These two facts were surprising and I always assumed that the United States was number one when it came to social networking.

Adriana M. Boveda-Lambie said...

Koreans live and breathe in Cyworld; breaking through will be very VERY hard.