Sunday, April 13, 2008


Don't you love when drunk people do ridiculous/hilarious things?

I know I do, so thats why I decided to make it the topic for my blog. I will be updating frequently with new stories about the funny things I see people do when I go out. I think it should make for a pretty hilarious blog. The URL my blog (called "Oh, What a Weekend") is as follows:

Check it out now to read my friends post about my friends' Spring Break trip, I promise you will enjoy. Thanks guys! :)

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Nicole St. Jean said...

Hey Laura,

Funny video about Spring Break....that is classic that you caught that on tape!

Although, I experienced more of a low-key spring break over in Europe, St. Patt's Day in Dublin proved to be anything but low-key.

Huge Parade in the center of Dublin, lots of all day drinking to celebrate the irish culture, leading to some of my friends being kicked out of pubs for "being too drunk". It's not easy keeping up with the Irish...

I tried attaching some pictures, but this comment space won't allow me to post anything :(