Saturday, April 12, 2008

High School Students suspended over MySpace?

I found this video on YouTube:

This video talks about High School students being suspended because of a fight between girls at school. However, the issue with this fight is that the girls posted threats to beat the other girl up on MySpace and school officals ended up catching wind of this. This brings about an issue of law on the internet.....any thoughts?

"Pembroke Academy will hold students accountable for any actions over the internet with the potential to affect adversely the safety and order of our school."

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Jillian said...

There is another case like this going on now with those girls who recorded themselves beating up another girl so they could post it on YouTube.
"The attackers told police they were upset with some 'trash talk' the victim posted on her MySpace page."
The eight teenagers involved are being charged with kidnapping and battery and could face life in prison. Although, they will probably not get a life sentence, many believe these teens should be made an example of. Teens see videos of people doing all sorts of crazy things on YouTube and see it as entertaining and funny. This has moved beyond "cyberbullying" to physical abuse. And they were dumb enough to record it to post on YouTube and still think they would get away with it??