Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I was in class this morning and our professor introduced us to an interesting social networking tool called GyPsii. I don't know if any of you have heard of it but I think it is pretty interesting. It has been on the market since the Fall of 2007 but has the media buzzing in recent news.

GyPsii is an application used by consumers for mobile, web and Internet connected devices. This social networking tool allows users to share their real life experiences in the virtual world with the app's search & location based components as well as web applications through their mobile device. This application is really unique because it once again, takes mobile networking to a more sophisticated and convenient level. Users have the ability to share, view and upload pictures, video, text and points of interest (using the app's tracking system).

In recent news, GyPsii decided to launch a platform to be used with the Apple iPhone, which has been producing positive feedback to both companies involved. This article comments on the overall decision that was made to create the platform and also describes what the application offers.

What does everyone think about the GyPsii application itself? Do you think that it was a good idea to work with the iPhone? Do you think that there is any room for improvements on this application?


Kristyn-Anne said...

I think teaming up with the iPhone was smart for Gypsii, being that it will definately get a lot of buzz going about it, and also I feel like people who are into technology and the iPhone will use a network like that.

I think the concept of Gypsii could be cool for family/friends that are studying abroad or something like that, but for everyday use it seems a little unnecessary, along the lines of Twitter.

Vanessa F said...

As I was in class with Malorie, I was also able to view the promotion video for Gypsii. At first it seemed creepy that people would be able to pinpoint my exact location at any time (however I did find out that you can actually make yourself invinsible to this feature), but ultimately I think it is a application that will catch on very fast! With the introduction of the iPhone,people have begun to LOVE the idea of having the internet accessible at any time or any place.
I believe it was very smart for Gypsii to use the iPhone's success to their advantage and partner with the phone. Gypsii has even gone so far as to design their application based on the iPhone's user interface! This should ultimately prove to be a very smart move for Gypsii in getting their application known.

Ben Frechette said...

I think this is an innovative and interesting form of social networking. I like the feature that enables you to take the privacy setting off, if not it would be very stalkerish. I just wish the iPhone would be a little cheaper and it would certaintly be purchased by this guy. I think this could make the personal computer pretty expendable. I read this article about it also

Adriana M. Boveda-Lambie said...

This was Sy, wasn't it? He's been raving about Gypsii since he found it on Monday night.