Friday, March 7, 2008

Toyota enters YouTube

We've talked extensively about the different ways companies can use social media in a non-intrusive fashion and still reach their market. With online-video advertising projected to reach increasing numbers, some companies are starting to understand how to garner the power of social media.

Toyota has now decided to sponsor a comedy channel on YouTube. See Toyota gets it better than YouTube as the company rejected YouTube's proposal as more of the same static advertising.

The company is shelling $4million dollars for what it wanted: "it wanted something users could participate in rather than just view". In turn YouTube will develop an algorithm to select up-and-coming comedy videos.

Will Toyota's risky strategy pay? Read the whole article; it's truly worth the five minutes to see that a company at least "gets" how social media is changing internet advertising.


Nicole St. Jean said...

This article made me think of some issues pertaining to google and the large portion of the market that it maintains..

Is Google simply wiping out similar smaller sites that are attempting to compete with it for Market Share? Has Google become the WalMart of America, slowly but surley wipping out the "mom and pop" stores...the more profit Google makes, the bigger the advertising budget, and the wider the gap becomes between Google and its will its competitors survive in this uphill battle?

Laura said...

I think this is a great idea on Toyota's part. Being an innovator in any field is extremely important these days. $4 million is not that much, considering what I large company Toyota is. It is important to take risks, especially when consumers are demanding more interaction.

Kate Serafini said...

A lot of people have been talking about this marketing attempt by Toyota. I think it is an interesting way to get consumers involved, however, it may not be an effective way to sell cars. It has gotten plenty of buzz which is always important in the marketing world, and I think that if the buzz continues, people may think more of Toyotas cars when looking to purchase one.