Sunday, March 30, 2008

McCain's Facebook Wall

Just out of curiosity I wanted to see some of the comments on John McCain's Facebook wall, and I was a little suprised to see the mass of inappropriate comments there. (I don't know if all of this would be considered class appropriate, but we're all in college and most of us are on facebook, so i don't think it will be a big deal)

Below is a recap of some of the dialog's that took place on McCain's wall....does the class think that this will help or hurt his campaign? Is facebook a place for working professionals and members of congress to be advertising and holding profiles? Thoughts....

Patrick Crogan (Preston High School) wroteat 10:21pm
Bobby move out of your mom's basement and get a job... your entire out look on life will change.

Jesse Brunson (Vinal School) wroteat 10:20pm
I've lived my whole life with racist family members but I've managed to be fairly unbiased, I'd say that dealing with family every single day is a lot more influential that a weekly sermoncan you say that you are completely tolerant of other races derek?and this is the US, we try to keep church and state separate, just because his pastor is a political advisor doesnt mean he brings his racist views into playand besides he's referred to as a ADVISOR, he doesnt solely control barack's actions and opinionsand you have to admit, that quote's fairly accurate, look at haliburton in general and tell me there's no greed of the white man

Chris Mondloch (Chantilly High) wroteat 10:20pm
hey bobby, youre good at talkin shit over the internet

Patrick Crogan (Preston High School) wroteat 10:20pm
Yeah you're mom has a nice mouth too. I'm tired of you and your factless rants. Also your mom and your sister are both voting for McCain last I heard. (THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO DEAL WITH YOU YOU GOT NOTHING)

Patrick Crogan (Preston High School) wrote at 10:15pm
Bobby, he can't life his arms above his head.... CAUSE HE WAS TORTURED... ya know what... you're right its all an act... hes just kept his arms down there for 20 some years so he can get elected president.

Andrew Bronson (Richmond, VA) wrote at 10:15pm
your no making since i have opinions its called i dont like racism dumbass its called i belive in john mccain and everything i have said is an opinion wtf

Jesse Brunson (Vinal School) wrote at 10:15pm
wow patrick crogan, are you jealous that you're not getting any ron paul lovin?i bet that sweet combover gets all the ladies though

Derek Jordan Foley (Worthington Kilbourne High School) wrote at 10:14pm
yet obama went to a church for 20 years with a racist pastorits not like that speech was a one time thingi wouldnt go to a church that had a kkk member for a pastorbesides, obama calls his pastor a "trusted political advisor"page 256 of obama's 1st book, "the white man's greed puts the world in need"obama is a racist

Patrick Crogan (Preston High School) wrote at 10:13pm
Bobby are you taking it in ass from Ron Paul??? Ya know whos blinded by ignorance??? The guy that tries to prove everything with his bullshit youtube videos... OMG!!! you can search on youtube!! Do you believe everything you hear?

Jesse Brunson (Vinal School) wrote at 10:12pm
well andrew, maybe if you did go to church you might realize that you dont need to take everything said there as it's saidthis is america and you have the right to come up with your own opinion

Chris Mondloch (Chantilly High) wrote at 10:12pm
hahaha good point andrew

Andrew Bronson (Richmond, VA) wrote at 10:10pm
and when i do for christmas we dont talk like the white malcolm x's about black people


Anonymous said...

Nicky, unfortunately many times the Walls of politician's pages get hijacked by off topic commenters.

However, this shows just exactly the lack of monitoring there is on this sites - meaning the lack of commitment from the campaigns to truly make use of this media.

Amanda said...

This is an instance where the people responsible for the Facebook page should step in and try to steer these comments into becoming an honest discussion instead of hearing a select few members talk as if they were in elementary school and represent America's younger generation in such a harmful manner. not only that but the inability to allow freedom of speech and opinion is obvious, none of these comments show an adult perspective that everyone is entitled to their own opinions, weather they be right or wrong.

Arguments such as this could be extremely detrimental to McCain, these people can easily be viewed as the stereotype of McCain supporters and will potentially frighten off anyone that does look into the site.