Monday, March 10, 2008

Facebook Networking Takes a New Direction

This week, Takes All Types, a non-profit blood donation organization, has united with Facebook to utilize social media marketing. This article in the New York Times explains how Takes All Types plans to use Facebook to increase the blood donating nationwide.
As someone who donates blood on a regular basis, I think that Takes All Types has a great idea. One large problem that blood drives often face is that the public forgets about the blood drives, or just feel that they are too busy. This arrangement with Facebook will allow participants to know when their type of blood is needed in their area, along with when blood drives will be taking place. Hopefully, this constant Facebook reminds will relay the importance of blood drives to the public and get more people to donate. If people are made aware of blood drives ahead of time, they can incorporate a donation time into their schedule. This application may also allow users to make a donation appointment online to assure that the donation will be completed in a timely manner.
The only issue I see with this arrangement is the fact that people may have to disclose information about their blood type. While I personally don't see a problem with this, some may refrain from signing up with the program because they do not want to disclose such information. Other than that, I think this is a great idea. Facebook has become a very powerul social media marketing tool, and I think its awesome that this influence can even be utlized by non-profits like Takes All Types.


Dianna S said...

Facebook is definitely a great avenue to consider for low budget and non-profit organizations who are finding any inexpensive way to advertise. This is a great idea for Takes All Types to consider. Not only because it affordable but also because Facebook is a large social network, it has potential to increase the willingness for people to contribute to the blood bank.

Ari said...

In my opinion this will be the only time that I would say that a social networking site like Facebook is useful. I think that it will be an advantage for the blood drive, and for those who want to donate blood but don't know when and where.

I don't think this will let others know the type of blood one has, since anonymously you pick the day and place to go donate your type of blood, without giving further information about your self. I am happy with this great idea and collaboration.