Sunday, March 2, 2008

Facebook is trying to listen...

I guess as facebook has gained a lot of recognision as the second largest social network, it has also gained alot of people targeting them for their privacy issues. Over the last year facebook has added a more personal way to view what your friends are doing on the site. Such as what groups they added, change of status and comments they have previously made. Against facebook users were pushing to get the social network to chance up there privacy issues and policies and here is a article on how facebook has done so.

But is there a privacy issue if the user knows going into the social network the pros and cons on it, wasnt it there opportunity for privacy there at the begining to join or not?


Kate Serafini said...

It was definitely a good idea for Facebook to quickly add the more advanced privacy controls for their users. I know personally there are things I wouldn't want popping up on the News Feed that now I can hide. I think that this addition of the privacy setting does show Facebooks response time is very quick and affective. Although they did add a lot of privacy, there is still no way you can block certain things from showing up, i.e. when you add quotes to your profile, it still shows up. I guess certain things people will just have to deal with, however, Facebook did make a huge attempt, which is a sign of a good company.

Nicole St. Jean said...

The mini-feed feature gave facebook the extra zest it needed. When logging on to facebook, you get the college day's soap opera- only real people, real situations -breakups, partying, birthdays, wallposts, albums posted etc...this was obviously a big hit among users, because shortly after myspace adopted the same idea and now has a home setting that updates users when they log in about updated blogs, status updates, pictures posted, etc.

I agree with Kate that Facebook is being socially responsible to its users-- but I think there is MORE they can do to protect the privacy of their users. Facebook could implement privacy features for users who wish disclose the changes they make to their profile on a daily basis that don't already have the privacy option.