Thursday, February 21, 2008

Social Placement

Toyota jumps on social media, by landing a product placement deal on a teen web soap opera.

What started as the spin off of viral lonelygirl15, is generating a strong fan base. Strong enough for this not being its first placement deal.

Lonelygirl15 has been one of the biggest viral hits of the social media era. Maybe KateModern will follow suit.


Kristyn-Anne said...

I think this is a clever way to tap into social media; it's certainly a different route than the commonly traveled Facebook page or blog aspect. However, this idea, along with all other new ventures, could get old for the consumer should this "teen web soap opera" become saturated with product placements. If that were to happen, viewers may become fed up with the constant ads slipped in and veer away from the series altogether.

Nicole St. Jean said...

The teen soap opera seems like a great way for Toyota to tie their brand name into the young minds of consumers who will be buying a car, or be influencing their parents decisions in the future. My guess is that other companies will begin following suit in order to gain competitive advantages in the social media market and reach this demographics of consumers on a different level.

Tara H. said...

After doing some research, I found that the Toyota Aygo cars featured in the hit drama series, KateModern, to be an effective use of product placement. The appearance of the Aygo in the Feb. 25th episode allows for a natural and realistic portrayal of the car in a U.K. city setting.

According to, the U.K. population is on the rise with about one in five people in the U.K. aged under 16. This statistic justifies Toyota’s placement strategy as to why they targeted the viewers of KateModern. Also, Toyota has made the Aygo accessible to the teenage stars themselves. The stars get to experience the Aygos first hand and will hopefully spread the word about the cars, which get 51 MPG with a five speed transmission and are available for purchase around £7,380.

Has anyone seen a picture of the Aygos? It is so small!

Do you think American consumers will accept and begin to want small cars like the Aygos, or do you think we will continue to love out SUVs?

JonathanK said...

Great advertising investment! High volume advertisers like auto and beverage companies should be tapping into as many advertising markets as possible to show off whatever brand, sub brand, etc would fit into each ad space's target segment. Keep your eye out for more placement just like this one.