Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Hey whats up everyone, my name is Tommy Franco Jr. I am a senior marketing major, counting down the days til graduation. I just need to start making the real money. I want to find a position at a pharmaceutical company so I can work in the marketing department, hopefully become a rep. I am from Providence, but I can't wait to move out of this state. I feel like I'm squeezed in this state and no room to expand. Maybe I'll move to New York or Boston. I am a city type of guy, plus those New York girls don't look too bad.

Now for the Super Bowl, what a joke!! That was a huge disappointment. I feel like I'm dreaming and when I wake up the game will start all over ending with a different result. Well I guess I didn't lose totally, I did make some money on the game (Let's keep that between us). Well, there's always next year, or maybe basketball. Let's go Celtics!!!

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