Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Google has its own Social Media Site?

This article talks about Google's Orkut, one of the worlds largest social media web sites that competes with Myspace and Facebook. It is kinda funny for me to read this article because I personally never have even heard of Google Orkut. I also have never met anyone who was part of its network, that has existed since 2004. It mentions how Google will now allow its Orkut users to use third-party applications for music, games, and all other plug-in type of programs. The site is expected to boost users to 50 million! Google's Orkut is a lot more popular around the world then it currently is in the United States. About 50% of the social media market in Brazil uses Google's Orkut and 17% of India also uses Orkut. Compared to only 1% of the social media market in the U.S. is on the Orkut network.

Do you think Google's Orkut site will ever be as popular as Myspace or facebook in the U.S?
>My answer is no. But I can see them continuing to be a strong force in the foreign social media markets.

Is anyone a member of Google's Orkut?


Adriana M. Boveda-Lambie said...

I'm a member! I'd like to know how many others did not know about Orkut.

As a question, have you guys heard of Mash? The social network not the show.

Kristyn-Anne said...

I have never heard of Orkut before, I just went to check it out but they wanted "more information about me" and I did not want to register so I didn't go any further.

I'm not surprised about Google having their own social network, seeing how huge they've become and they now have mail, this blog and iGoogle (which I have and love!) For anyone that doesn't have iGoogle - it's your own personalized Google homepage - I highly recommend it!

I'd like to learn more about Orkut and Mash (which I've never heard of either), I think Google definately has the ability to make it big in the U.S.

Dianna S said...

I have also never heard of Orkut until I was reading one of the article we had to do for last class. I found some interesting facts about Orkut on Wikipedia:

-Name after the creator, Orkut Büyükkökten (a Goggle employee)

-Created since 2004

-Orkut's initial target market for was the United States, but the majority of its users are in Brazil and India

It surprises me that I never heard of Orkut. Since Google is doing well with its mailing, blog and engine search, I think Google's Orkut has potential to grow. I think if Google had Orkut on its homepage (near gmail or igoogle link) it can increase the amount of users on Orkut. Especially people from the US- their initial target market.

Mash? Never heard of it.

Malorie Davino said...

I have never heard about Orkut or Mash. I think that the massive amounts of social networks that are out in the Web World are very overwhelming.

Maybe that it why I only have a Facebook account and have been afraid to venture out....

Anonymous said...

I have never heard of Orkut or Mash before either, not really welcoming or inviting names for either networking sites if you ask me. I agree with Dianna that it's kind of weird that I've never heard of Orkut due to the overall popularity of google.

I've heard of iGoogle, but never got around to checking it out. Sounds like a great idea.

Nicole St. Jean said...

I agree with Mal, I feel that all of these social networking sites get to be a bit overwhelming. I have heard of Mash, by Yahoo right?
I personally don't know too much about it, but I'm pretty sure its one of those members only websites where you have to be invited to join.

Here's an interesting article from the NY Times on Mash if anyone wants to read up on it:

Kevin Uribe said...

I have heard of Orkut, but have never heard of Mash. Google offers many services that a lot of people don't know about. I think I might have a profile on Orkut but a blank one with no information on it, and I'm not interested at all to see if I really have one or not.

Anyways, when Facebook first started to get big, there was another social site for college students that came out called Xuqa. Has anyone heard of this?

David CHan said...

I have never heard about Orkut or Mash. Didn't realize there were so many out there,espeically linkedin the one we talked about last class.

After reading the article I went to check it out but would never sign up after what we talked about in class how information is stored on these networks.

Jim Falvey said...

I have not heard of Orkut or Mash.

However, for any finance people out there, Prof. Lee believes Google will be a very profitable investment for years to come.

Vanessa F said...

I am not a member and hadn't actually ever heard of Orkut before our class. I have yet to join, thinking with Myspace and Facebook my name is already flying around in cyber world enough, and also do not think it will ever join the status of these two pages either. Also, after viewing the page in class this thought was confirmed when I saw the simplicity and almost boring-ness of the site.

Ari said...

I have never heard of Orkut before. I don't feel comfortable having a MySpace or a Facebook, so I am behind all the other social networking.

I do believe that with time people will start transferring (especially from MySpace) to other social network; and Orkut may be that social network that people might head too. With all done and said, I think in just a matter or time Orkut will start picking up in the US.